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European Standard Bridge Crane

Here comes our European standard bridge crane. It is a new type energy efficient crane that is available in single girder and double girder options. This heavy lift comes with a remarkably light dead weight, which will lower the requirements for whole workshop structure and thereby save your cost in workshop construction. Currently, double girder overhead travelling crane stands out increasingly in this aspect.

Zhonggong is a specialist crane manufacturer in China. Our bridge cranes that reach M8 class and have low noise are suitable for use in factories, freight yards, wharfs, power plants, construction sites, etc. especially for use in workshops or places where head room is limited to maximally improve effective hoisting height.

1. Girder and End Truck

1) Our European standard bridge crane adopts welded box beam or H-steel beam. The crane bridge is designed to the German industrial standard DIN15018. Girder and steel plate of each steel structure experience shot blasting pretreatment.
2) Bridge girder and end truck of our industrial crane are connected by high strength bolts, avoiding deformation caused by welding. Welded box girder ensures connecting precision with end truck and end truck depth of parallelism so that the crane accuracy and stability can be ensured. High intensity connection bolts guarantee high safety and reliability.
3) The girder features gas shielded welding. Rigorous quality control system ensures welding quality and complete hoisting machine quality.
4) The end truck employs double flange wheel, with bumper at the end.

2. Modular Design of Trolley Hoist
1) The trolley hoist of our DIN bridge crane is provided with excellent hoisting motor and reducer imported from Germany. The motor, reducer, wire rope reel and hoisting limit switch feature a modular design which intensifies construction reliability while effectively reducing maintenance time and cost.
2) Wire rope reel is engineered from high quality beamless steel pipes by CNC machines. After finish machining, groove on the reel, with the help of rope guide can effectively avoid rope loose and disorder. The high strength imported wire rope with a tensile strength of 2160 N/m2 ensures great safety and long service life.
3) Hoisting motor is a duplex-winding squirrel-cage variable pole motor that realizes a speed ratio of 1:6. Motor housing is constructed from aluminum alloy by means of drawing method, ensuring excellent heat dissipation. It is also outfitted with a fan at its end to enhance cooling effect.
4) The hoisting motor is equipped with a double-disc electromagnetic brake at its end. When the motor loses power, the brake can automatically close to avoid load falling. This type of brake is safe and reliable, and it can realize up to 1 millions times of braking.

3. Cutting-Edge Electric Hoist
1) Our wharf crane for container handling is designed with a best-in-class electric hoist which comes with faster and more hoisting speed and multiple falls. Standard trolley mechanism comes with variable frequency control and can run at a speed up to 20m/min, ensuring small swing and precise positioning during material lifting and handling.
2) The hoist is equipped with a gear drive limit protection device. When the hook reach the upper and lower limiting position, the device can reliably cut off the power to stop the motor.
3) The electric wire rope hoist of Zhonggong bridge crane applies an electronic type overload protector that comes with a safety monitor. The overload protector makes sure that the total lifting weight will not surpass the rated capacity of the bridge. When the tension of wire rope is 105% more than its rated valve, the overload protection device will automatically shut off hoisting.

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