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Bridge Crane

    1. European Standard Bridge Crane

      Our bridge cranes that reach M8 class and have low noise are suitable for use in factories, freight yards, wharfs, power plants, construction sites, etc.

    1. Bridge Crane, Double Girder

      It comes in 9 load capacities including 5-10t, 16/3.2-50/10t, 75/20-100/20t, 100/32t, 125/30-250/50t, 350/75t, 400/80t and 600/150t, and 10.5-31.5 and 13-31m span range.

A crane, known as bridge crane or overhead crane is often found in today's industrial environments, used for heavy lifting and material handling applications. Henan Zhonggong Group Co.,ltd. is an expert industrial crane manufacturer. We design and manufacture a wide range of bridge cranes for various industries, including bridge crane for chemical industry, double girder bridge crane, bridge crane with electric hoist and carrier beam, etc. With a Zhonggong Bridge Crane, loads from 5 to 550 tons can be easily moved along the bridge to any point within the area formed by the two runways.