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Ladle Crane

Ladle crane, also called process crane, foundry crane or charging crane is one of the major equipment in continuous casting process for steelmaking. It is mainly used at steel plants for transportation of molten iron and steel. This overhead crane for metal ore mining comes in various constructions including double-girder double-rail, four-girder four-rail, four-girder six-rail, etc. Among which, the 2-girder 2-rail and 4-girder 4-rail ladle cranes are mainly used for medium and large-tonnage casting while the 4-girder 6-rail one is used for super large tonnage casting.

The ladle cranes manufactured by Zhonggong have a maximum capacity of 350 tons, and are specially designed for safety, economy and easy maintenance. Major components on the foundry equipment such as electric parts, motor, reducer, wire rope, brake, etc. are all famous brand both at home and abroad. For more information about this industrial crane, find answer in the table below or contact us directly.

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Specifications of Ladle Crane
Lifting Weight T 5-350
Span m 10.5~31.5 (Extendable)
Lifting height m 12-16 (Extendable)
Operating methods Cabin Aviation level driver cabin: Broad vision, reinforced glass and ergonomically designed seat for safe, comfortable and flexible operation
Power supply AC 3-Phase A.C. 50HZ 380V
Classification A6-A7
Hoisting mechanism Trolley hoist Motor, brake, reducer, wire rope reel and coupling feature modular design
Main electric parts Schneider or Siemens (Optional)
Overload protection device Rotary cam, 4-step adjustable, auto reset, height adjustable, precise phase-sequence control
Crane traveling limit switch Mechanical anti-collision and Infrared sensing
Steel structure of the crane Independently designed and manufactured by Zhonggong with best in class technology and manufacturing strength
Motor Best brand motor at home (Optional); with built in thermistor for overheating protection, and optimized air cooling system
Electrical control system Optional: Stator voltage control, PLC, human-machine interface with function expandable
Reducer The most famous brand in domestic market (optional)
Wire rope Domestic well renowned wire rope with high strength fiber core or steel core; or optional
Brake Double brake: most superior brand in China, with excellent sealing performance and dust resistance
Hooks 34CrMoV hardened and tempered steel;
T-class hook is made of alloy steel 34CrMoV4
Wire rope reel Welded reel, rolled from steel plates; light weight, simple structure and high intensity
Wheel and machining parts Designed and made by Zhonggong
Heat isolation protection High quality heat insulation material, safe and effective
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