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Electromagnetic Crane

Designed with an electromagnetic lift, our electromagnetic crane is commonly found in iron and steel scraps recycling plants and steel making workshops. It can handle scrap metals mainly using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The major part of this workstation crane is the magnet which will firmly grip the steel scraps when there is current through it and transport them to the specific place.

Our overhead crane for iron and steel industry comes with a 5-100t lifting capacity range, 10.5~31.5 span and up to 16m lifting height. Attention should be paid that the rotary part of hook connected to the magnetic chuck must be fastened using bolts to present rotating.

Specifications of Zhonggong Electromagnetic Crane
Lifting Weight T 5-100
Span m 10.5~31.5 (Extendable)
Lifting height m 6-16 (Extendable)
Operating methods Cabin control Aviation level driver cabin with broad vision, toughened glass, ergonomic seat and easy and flexible operation
Remote / pendant control Easy operation, without having to climb; having no need for professional driver
Power supply AC 3-Phase A.C. 50HZ 380V
Classification A5-A6
Hoisting mechanism Motor, reducer, brake, coupling and wire rope reel feature integral design, ensuring compact structure and high safety.
Main electric parts Schneider or Siemens (Optional)
Overload protection device Rotary cam, 4-step adjustable, auto reset, height adjustable, precise phase-sequence control
Crane traveling limit switch Multiple limit protections including PU, mechanical anti-collision, IR sensor
Steel structure parts Independently designed and manufactured steel structure parts; cutting-edge technology and top level manufacturing strength give you peace in mind
Motor Domestic best-in-class motor (optional)
Electrical control system Variable frequency control, stator voltage control, PLC, human-machine interface (optional)
Reducer Best brand in China or overseas brands such as SEW, Flanders, etc.
Wire rope Wire rope with high strength fiber core or steel core
Brake State of the art brand in China or optional
Wire rope reel Welded reel, rolled from steel plates; light weight, simple structure and high intensity
Wheel and machining parts Designed and made by ourselves, bringing you peace in mind
Electromagnetic chuck We offer various state of the art chucks to lift junk irons, steel scraps, and many other scrap metals (optional)
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