Manufacturing Environment

Zhonggong prides itself in powerful strength on bulk handling equipment and workstation lifting products manufacturing. Now, we have about 1200 employees, among which nearly 1000 people work on manufacturing. Owning thousands of advanced production equipment and test equipment, we can complete the whole processes independently such as lathing, milling, planing, grinding, drawing, boring, rolling, drilling, punching, cutting, bending, plate rolling, rivet welding, testing, heat treating, etc. We only offer customers the best products and material handling solutions, and provide the optimal delivery cycle.

Manufacturing Environment
  • Machining Workshop
  • Manufacturing Workshop
  • Manufacturing Workshop
  • Manufacturing Workshop
  • Lathe
  • Large Boring Machine
  • Raw Material Shot Blasting Machine
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • NC Cutting Machine
  • Integral Shot Blasting Machine
  • Group Grooving Machine
  • Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine
  • Gantry Boring and Milling Machine
Warehouse Environment
  • Finished Product Area
  • Finished Connection Warehouse
  • Accessories Warehouse

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