Bridge Cranes for Machinery And Equipment

Zhonggong has offered a wide range of cranes for machinery and equipment such as semi goliath crane, electric hoist gantry crane and double girder overhead crane to customers in electromechanical manufacturing industry.

1. Hefei Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Products we supply: 3 MB5t-8.7m semi goliath cranes
Customer introduction: Hefei Metalforming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of high precision machines such as hydraulic machines, mechanical presses, etc. We offered them 3 sets of 5t semi gantry crane to conduct raw materials and relevant parts handling and complete machine assembly.

2. XCMG Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd.

Products we supply: 7 RMH1t-9.25m semi goliath cranes
Customer introduction: XCMG Hydraulic Parts specializes in developing high pressure hydraulic cylinders, hoisting hydraulic system of tower crane and other complete set of hydraulic system. It is the core parts manufacturer of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG). We supplied 7 sets of 1t semi goliath cranes to them to improve production mode, enhance production efficiency and considerably reduce labor intensity.

3. Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

Products we supply: 1 MH16t-16m electric hoist gantry crane
Customer introduction: Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. (SAIC for short) is a light multi-purpose aircraft manufacturer under Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). It integrates R&D, manufacture, service and maintenance of General Aviation aircrafts into a whole. Zhonggong is an authorized industrial crane supplier for this company and has provided a 6t electric hoist gantry crane for them to improve working efficiency.

4. CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
The Biggest Hoist in China

Products we supply: 6 QD160/50t double girder bridge cranes
Customer introduction: CITIC Heavy Industries is an expert in manufacturing mining machinery, mine hoist, crusher, reducer, centrifugal machine, screening equipment, linear vibrating screen, rotary kiln, flotation machine, ball mill, crusher liner plate, bearing bush, etc. Zhonggong has offered to them 6 double girder bridge cranes which reduced labor cost, improved traditional machining methods and enhanced working efficiency.