Material Handling Equipment in Transport Industry

In transport & logistics industry, cranes and hoists play an indispensable role for materials handling. Zhonggong supplies high quality material handling equipment and solutions to customers in this industry such as Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Wellong Etown International Logistics, China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation (Group), etc.

1. Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd.

Products supplied by Zhonggong: 27 manual trolley hoists, 26 electric single girder cranes
Customer introduction: Shanghai Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. is charge of the COSCO container shipping fleet whose total containers rank No.1 in China and No.7 in the world. It gives huge support to COSCO's shipping business.

We offer the customer 27 WA5-18 manual trolley hoists and 26 electric single girder cranes which save a large number of labors in container loading, unloading, transporting and stacking, and improve working efficiency.

2. Zhenjiang Wellong Etown International Logistics

Products supplied by Zhonggong: Double girder gantry cranes
Customer introduction: The company works on providing cargos (except hazardous goods) transit shipment and handling solutions for various clients.

They purchased 6 sets of 100/16t-30m and 2 sets of 75/30t-30m double girder gantry cranes from us. Now, these handling cranes have been used in each process of their business and obtained great effect.

3. China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation (Group)

Products supplied by Zhonggong: 32 single girder underhung overhead cranes, 18 European double girder cranes and 15 electric flat wagons
Customer introduction: COMPLANT is built in November, 1959. During 34 years hereafter, it was entrusted by Chinese government to serve as the only executing agency to offer economical & technical assistance to foreign countries. It has organized and implemented more than 1400 projects in a great number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Zhonggong has established close and long term partnership with COMPLANT, providing them high quality, stable and cost effective material handling solutions.