Bridge Crane in Food Industry

A large number of bridge cranes in manual and electric, single girder and double girder designs have been supplied by Zhonggong to domestic and overseas customers in food industry.

1. Guangxi Tianlin Fumin Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Products that we supply: 1 set of SDX2t-5.5m Single Girder Manual Bridge Crane
Customer introduction: Fumin Sugar is located in Tianlin county, Guangxi province, China, covering an area of about 236,000m2. It has been committed to sugar manufacturing for many years. Zhonggong offered a 2t single girder manual bridge crane to this customer and helped them improve productivity and benefits.

2. Guangxi Laibin Eastern Sugar Phoenix Co., Ltd.

Products that we supply: 1 set of LZ2t-5.5m Bridge Crane with Grab
Customer introduction: Laibin Eastern Sugar Phoenix Co., Ltd. is founded in October, with a registered capital of 453.48 million RMB. It mainly manufactures cane sugar, molasses and other sugar mixture. We offer one grab bridge crane to them. The grab crane improved production efficiency and reduced production cost during sugar manufacturing.

3. Vietnam Dafa Food Company

Products that we supply: 1 grab bridge crane, 2 double girder bridge cranes, 2 electric underhung cranes, 2 electric single girder cranes.